The New Normal

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As the flood waters around my current hometown begin to recede, I find myself reflecting on what the media likes to call “extreme weather.” Growing up in the Chicago area in the 70s and 80s, we could generally count on … Continued

Fish Façade

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The U.S. population eats more seafood than any other nation besides China.  If you’re like me, and always do exactly what the American Heart Association says, you’d be eating two seafood meals every week. As I mentioned in a previous … Continued

The “Great” Barrier Reef

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While UNESCO said the Great Barrier Reef is the “most biodiverse” of its World Heritage sites, and that it is of “…enormous scientific and intrinsic importance”, today, UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee  has declared that the Great Barrier Reef is not … Continued

It’s WHAT’S for dinner???

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Nobody wants to read anything about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).  It involves 12 countries; the politics are muddy; its text is not entirely public; our legislative leaders are not following the status-quo (Republicans are praising Obama on his agreement with … Continued

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